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Important Information

The course structure has been reshaped in 2010. The curriculum described here are the new requirements concerning compulsory courses only apply to students who enrol from 2010 onwards. The new course structure from 2010 is descibed on the official MERIT website and will be implemented at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) accordingly.

Compulsory Courses at Karslruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Students who intend to obtain the MERIT degree from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) must pass all exams listed in the following table. Only for students who spend their second year in Karlsruhe it is possible to acknowledge lectures with equivalent content from the first year. Each compulsory lecture is only offered either in the winter term (WS) or in the summer term (SS).

ECTS WS SS Compulsory Core Courses
4.5 - x Communication Systems and Protocols
4.5 x - Systems and Software Engineering
4.5 - x Microwave Engineering
3 x - Integrated Systems of Signal Processing
 4.5  x - Optimization of Dynamic Systems
4.5 - x Nonlinear Optics
4.5 x - Advanced Radio Communications I
4.5 - x Advanced Radio Communications II
 4.5  x - Optical Communications Systems
4.5 - x Wave Propagation and Radio Channels for Mobile Communications
6 - x Microwave Lab/ Optical Communications Lab

 ECTS WS SS Additional Courses
max. 6 per year x x Compulsory language courses (German and / or language of 2nd year university)
      Elective concentration courses, laboratories
      Transversal courses
30     Master Thesis

ECTS WS SS Available Elective Concentration Courses
3 - x Automotive Control Systems
3 x - Radar Systems Engineering
4.5 - x Spaceborne SAR Remote Sensing
3 - x Introduction to Microstrip Antennas
4.5 - x Optical Communications – Systems
4.5 - x Nonlinear Optics
4.5 x - Optical Engineering
6 x - Optical Design Laboratory
6 x - Optics and Photonics Lab
4.5 x - Field Propagation and Coherence
4.5 - x Systems Engineering for Automotive Electronics
6 x - Design Automation Laboratory
4.5 - x Hardware Modeling and Simulation
3 x - Polymerelektronik / Plastic Electronics
3 x -

Power System Analysis