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Seminar Radar and Communication Systems

Seminar Radar and Communication Systems
Typ: Seminar
Lehrstuhl: IHE
Semester: Master

Building 30.10Room 1.31 

Beginn: 29.04.2019

Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Zwick and staff

SWS: 3
LVNr.: 2308432

Written report and an oral presentation


Registration: Send an e-mail to Sevda Abadpour till 24.04.2019 (wait till the topics are published below) with the following information

  • Field of Specialization (specify Studienmodell number as well)
  • Transcript of Records (Notenauszug)
  • Three topics (see below) of your choice (in order of priority)

The number of participiants is limited! Please note that an e-mail will be sent to you on 26.04.2019, stating whether or not you have been selected.

Introductory event: 29.04.2019, 14:30, seminar room 1.31, Building 30.10, mandatory for all participants!

Flip chart presentations: 14.05.2019, 13:00, room 3.40, Building 30.10 (mandatory)
Deadline for submission of the written report: draft 01.07.2019, final version 08.07.2019
Final presentations: 17.07.2019, 13:00, room 3.40, Building 30.10 (mandatory)

Supervisor: Sevda Abadpour
E-mail: sevda.abadpour@kit.edu



The Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik (IHE) is glad to offer Radar and Communication Systems Seminar for students in the coming summer semester 2018. The students can attain 3 SWS/4 ECTS upon successful completion of the elective course.

The seminar provides a unique opportunity to the students for enhancing their presentation techniques and skills, which are often ignored in other courses. The topics are designed in a manner that the students are expected to conduct independent literature research, draw logical conclusions based on their research and cohesively present the gathered information in written and verbal form (Please note that students are not expected to carry out software design and simulations). Ultimately, the seminar can be seen as an excellent preparation platform for facing the future challenges that form an integral part of a scientific/technical career.

What are you supposed to do?

Each student will be allocated a specific topic from the field of Radar and Communication Systems. Additionally, the student will be allocated a supervisor who will track student's progress throughout the course duration. It is mandatory for every student to complete the following tasks:

  1. 5 minute flip chart presentation
  2. Submission of a 6 page written report on the topic
  3. Final oral presentation on the topic (12 - 15 minutes and additionally Q&A round)

The evaluation will be based on sound understanding of the technical aspects, presentation style, Q&A round and authenticity of the written report.

The report and the presentation has to be in english!

Organizational matters will be discussed in the introductory event (see above).



Deterministic Wave Propagation Simulation based on Ray Tracing / Ray Launching

Channel Estimation for Hybrid Beamforming Communication Systems

State of the art millimeter-wave packages 

Limitations and Solutions for Wideband mm-Wave Circuits 

Orbital Angular Momentum for Future Wireless Communications

Broadband Antennas for 5G Applications