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Digital Beam-Forming for Radar and Communication Systems

Digital Beam-Forming for Radar and Communication Systems
Typ: Lecture & Tutorial
Semester: Master

NTI Lecture Hall


Monday, 14:00-17:15 o’clock

Beginn: Monday, 14.10.2019

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marwan Younis

M.Sc. Sevda Abadpour

SWS: 3
LVNr.: Lecture: 2308447, Tutorial: 2308449

Thursday 27.02.2020 (08:30-10:30), at NTI lecture hall (Building 30.10)


The lecture is in English. The lecture notes, viewgraphs, and tutorial questions are made available through ILIAS.

The lecture is (inherently) interdisciplinary and ideally suited to teach students how to combine communications and radar technology using digital beam shaping. The basic knowledge about antennas & antenna arrays, wave propagation, radar ambiguities and noise will be explained in the lecture. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the various beam shaping algorithms with reference to communication and radar systems and with application examples from satellite-based radar systems. Aspects such as digital and hybrid beam shaping, as well as MIMO and equivalent virtual antenna configuration are explained.

The lecture will be accompanied by exercises on the lecture material. These are discussed in a room exercise and the associated solutions are presented in detail.


  • Antennas
  • Noise in Radio Frequency Systems
  • Beam-Forming for Radar & Communication
  • Beam-Forming Algorithms
  • DBF for Reflector Antenna Spaceborne SAR