Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik (IHE)

Demonstration of Communication System Using Metasurface at 28GHz

  • Forschungsthema:Communication technology, antenna design and measurements
  • Typ:Bachelor or Master thesis
  • Datum:from now
  • Betreuer:

    M.Sc. Li, Yueheng

Introduction of the work:

The Hybrid Adaptive Beamforming Systems using programmable Metasurfaces (METABEAM) project aims to realize different concepts for communication systems. Due to the benefits of large bandwidth, communication system at 28GHz (27.5-28.35GHz) has been licensed as a US standard. Once related to high frequency technology, communication systems with high directivity antennas are required against higher path loss. As a solution, a metasurface contains 20x20 controllable unit patches is able to realize steerable high directional beamforming. Based on this property, communication systems using metasurface technology have potential for further breakthrough innovations.



Figure1: Coding metamaterials can allow steering of a scattering beam to arbitrarily pre-designed direction [1]

Aims of the work:

In this work, an entire communication systems given by the figure below will be implemented and measured, which contains the following aspects:

  1. The beam pattern measurements of metasurfaces. Since metasurfaces are regarded as transmit array, the farfield performance of them is the most crucial topic of the work.
  2. System set up using the devices at IHE. This stage includes interfaces and control circuits of the system.
  3. Digital signal processing on software overlay. The software defined radio (SDR) is controlled by the software Matlab and GNU radio on the host PC.
  4. Overall system performance measurements. Measure the system based on communication standards, including SNR, error rate, channel capacity, etc...
  5. Further communication algorithms and scenarios realizations. The metasurfaces have more possibility like multiple beams generation, fast steering, etc...

Figure2: Communication system block diagram using metasurface


  1. Basic knowledge of communication systems and antennas.
  2. Proficiency usage of Matlab simulation.
  3. Programming skills using C++ or Python.