Radar Systems

After the invention of the radar principle by Christian Hülsmeyer in 1904 in the 20th century nearly all radar systems were big, expensive and produced a high output power for defense, air and space applications. The beginning of the 20th century then brought the market success of automotive radars and also  a large increase of radar applications in industrial automation. Since 2007 the IHE performs research in the area of those new low-power radar systems. The focus is on system concepts, modulation schemes, interference and signal processing. The major research topics in the field of radar technology are:

  • radar system concepts and signal processing
  • interference between automotive radars
  • joint realization of radar sensing and communication based on OFDM
  • radar sensors for high-accuracy distance measurements

In the following IHE´s major research projects on radar technology are given:

Collage mit verschiedenen RadarsystemenSevda Abadpour