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User Tracking algorithms under Mobile Communication Scenarios

  • Forschungsgebiet:Communication technology, signal processing and measurements
  • Typ:Bachelor or Master thesis
  • Datum:from now
  • Betreuer:

    M.Sc. Li, Yueheng

Introduction of the work:

Multiple input and multiple out (MIMO) antenna systems will keep the dominance of the next generation of communication technology. One of the advantages of a MIMO system is the possibility of beamforming, which increases the signal to noise ratio (SNR). This offers great advantage especially when the communication standards are growing to higher frequencies for larger bandwidth, but meanwhile suffer from more serious path loss.  


Under mobile communication scenarios, if the signal transmission quality between mobile user and base station needs to be guaranteed, the MIMO beamforming from the base station should be able to real-time track the mobile user. This leads to the concept of beam tracking. In order to obtain the beamforming angle information, channel estimation for every tracking iteration can be a solution. However, this leads to a loss of data rate and inaccuracy due to the user movement. In this work, we are looking for beam tracking prediction algorithms, which enable a base station to aim the mobile user by eased efforts of channel estimation. The algorithms should be realizable in practical measurements.

Aims of the work:

    1. Algorithms research, implementation and improvement in simulations for beam tracking.
    2. Build up a MIMO system based on mobile communication scenarios, which includes the beam tracking algorithms.
    3. Real time measurements of tracking performance. Data analysis and further improvements.


    1. Proficiency usage of Matlab simulation.
    2. This work needs some complex mathematical considerations.
    3. Programming skills using C++ or Python.