Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics (IHE)


  • Funding:

    German Research Foundation (DFG, WZM Radar Project SPP1476, grant ZW 180/3-2)

  • Start:

    October 2010

  • End:

    October 2016

  • Contact:

    , Mario Pauli, Thomas Zwick

Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor for High Accuracy Position Measurement in Small Tool Machines (MRSP-WZM)

In this project a high accuracy distance measurement radar sensor is realized that allows a flexible integration into different machine tools. Based on the results from the first period of the project (2010 – 2013), the project is continued 2013 in a cooperation with the Fraunhofer FHR. With the realized radar sensor a record micrometer accuracy is achieved. Furthermore, the developed evaluation algorithms are implemented in an FPGA allowing real time measurements with measurement rates of up to 100 Hz. Successful measurements are carried out in the machine tools of various project partners.

Integration of a 80 GHz radar sensor in a linear positioning stage from ISW in Stuttgart

Selected Publications

Ayhan, S.; Thomas, S. G.; Kong, N.; Scherr, S.; Pauli, M. D.; Jaeschke, T.; Wulfsberg, J. P.; Pohl, N.; Zwick, T. (2015). Millimeter-Wave Radar Distance Measurements in Micro Machining. 2015 IEEE Topical Conference on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks, WiSNet 2015, San Diego, USA, 65–68, IEEE. doi:10.1109/WISNET.2015.7127413
Pohl, N.; Jaschke, T.; Scherr, S.; Ayhan, S.; Pauli, M.; Zwick, T.; Musch, T. (2013). Radar measurements with micrometer accuracy and nanometer stability using an ultra-wideband 80 GHz radar system. IEEE Topical Conference on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks (WiSNet’13), Austin, Texas/USA, January 20-23, 2013, 31–33, IEEE, Piscataway (NJ). doi:10.1109/WiSNet.2013.6488624
Ayhan, S.; Scherr, S.; Pahl, P.; Kayser, T.; Pauli, M.; Zwick, T. (2014). High-Accuracy Range Detection Radar Sensor for Hydraulic Cylinders. IEEE Sensors Journal, 14 (3), 734–746. doi:10.1109/JSEN.2013.2287638
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