Design of 50 Gbps PAM-4 VCSEL driver in bulk-CMOS technologies for automotive applications

  • Topic:

    Multi-Gigabit Optical Automotive Ethernet


    The objective of this thesis is to work on the development of new architectures and topologies for the next generation of 50 Gbps optical transceivers for the automotive industry, compatible with the IEEE 802.3cz standard that is under development under the OMEGA project (

    This standard sets that the transmission is done using a 980nm VCSEL by means of a PAM-4 signal, and imposes harsh working environment conditions, with a junction temperature operating range from -40ºC to 125ºC. The VCSEL driver architecture must be able to deal with these operating conditions and ensure the reliability of the VCSEL for the whole temperature operating range. It will be designed and fabricated in a sub-nanometric, automotive-qualified bulk-CMOS process.



    - study of the bibliography and the state-of-the-art for VCSEL drivers

    - development of a feasible driver architecture

    - design and verification of the VCSEL driver


    Additional info:

    This thesis will be developed in cooperation with the company Knowledge Development for POF (KDPOF), a technology leader company in the field of high-speed optical communications for the automotive market with the headquarters settled in Madrid, Spain. In the framework of his master thesis, the student will have the opportunity to do a small stay in the KDPOF headquarters to coordinate with the rest of the team and visit their facilities.