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Miniaturized Millimeter Wave Transceivers

Miniaturized Millimeter Wave Transceivers







Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zwick

Patch antenna in comparison to 1 cent coin
122 GHz LTCC Aperture-Stacked Patch Antenna (Photo: Bhutani, KIT)
Antenna MMIC integration
LTCC based Antenna MMIC integration using flip chip interconnect (Photo: Bhutani, KIT)
122 GHZ single chip radar (Photo: Silicon Radar GmbH)

Since 2008 the IHE is working on the idea of integrating a complete millimeter wave transceiver frontend including antenna into a small package. The idea is based on the following three considerations:

  • in the new millennium silicon based semiconductor technologies allow the realization of millimeter wave circuits of nowadays even several 100 GHz
  • at millimeter wave frequencies the wave length is of order of a typical analog IC
  • interconnects become more and more difficult and of bad performance towards millimeter wave frequencies

Thus the integration into a small package becomes possible and very attractive. The first big research project in this topic was SUCCESS (link zur SUCCESS Seite) where a complete 120 GHz radar frontend was integrated into a QFN package. Besides that LTCC based 120 GHz frontends are developed. A multilayered antenna in LTCC e.g. aperture coupled patch antenna allows vertical stacking of the antenna, via based signal transitions and MMIC integration, thereby reducing lateral package size in comparison to single layer technologies. LTCC on the other hand represents a big challenge for mm-wave circuits due to the large tolerances. In Real100G research on 240 GHz frontends with on-chip antennas is performed. Thereby the chips are directly mounted onto a lens. Together with Silicon Radar GmbH the IHE developed the first commercial single chip radar at 122GHz.



B. Göttel, M. Pauli, S. Beer, T. Blank, T. Zwick, Verfahren zur Gehäusung von Sub-Millimeterwellen-Halbleiterschaltungen sowie mit dem Verfahren herstellbares Halbleitermodul, issued as German patent DE 10 2012 025 433 B4, October 1, 2015.


Selected publications:

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