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European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme for “Design of Semiconductor Components and Electronic Based Miniaturised Systems”)

Project partner:

IHP, BOSCH, ST Microelectronics, KIT, Silicon Radar, Selmic, Hightec, Evatronix, University of Toronto


December 2009


May 2013


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zwick

Silicon-based Ultra Compact Cost-Efficient System Design for mmWave-Sensors (SUCCESS)

CHip with antennas
122 GHz Radar IC with separate transmit and receive antennas, packaged using standard wire-bonding in a 8 mm QFN package. (Photo: KIT-IHE)
Chip in comparison to 1 cent
122 GHz mixed signal Radar IC with separate transmit and receive antennas, packaged using flip-chip bonding in a 8 mm LTCC package. Digital circuits and analog RF parts are both included on the same chip. (Photo: Robert Bosch GmbH / SUCCESS)

The SUCCESS project was driven by the vision of high-resolution millimeter wave sensors for distance, speed and angle measurement as miniaturized, highly integrated systems. The radio frequency is higher than 100 GHz, in order to achieve small antenna dimensions while maintaining a high antenna directivity.

The measurement distance ranges are up to a 7 meters without dielectric lens and up to 20 meters with dielectric lens. A target ranging accuracy of better than 400 µm is achieved (frequency estimation). The sensor system shall be available as a single SMD component. It shall integrate the complete millimeter-wave part, together with the analog signal conditioning, the digital control logic, self test, calibration and antenna elements.

SUCCESS targeted to develop a technology platform and best-practice design methods to enable the breakthrough of silicon mm-Wave SoCs for high-volume applications.

Within the SUCCESS project, the research teams achieved a milestone towards low-cost, miniature radar sensors. Several prototypes of fully integrated radar sensors were designed, fabricated, and successfully used for demo purposes. Details can be found on this website and in the referenced publications.

In the news:


Selected Publications

Beer, S.; Gulan, H.; Rusch, C.; Zwick, T. (2013). Integrated 122-GHz Antenna on a Flexible Polyimide Substrate With Flip Chip Interconnect. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 61 (4), 1564–1572. doi:10.1109/TAP.2012.2232260
Beer, S.; Gulan, H.; Rusch, C.; Zwick, T. (2012). Coplanar 122-GHz Antenna Array With Air Cavity Reflector for Integration in Plastic Packages. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 11, 160–163. doi:10.1109/LAWP.2012.2186783