Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik (IHE)

Radio Channel Modeling

For efficient network and frequency planning as well as system design of complex communication systems such as mobile communications (GSM, UMTS, Car-to-Car), digital broadcasting or even automotive radar, ray optical wave propagation models for many different scenarios as well as stochastic models were developed at the IHE. Most recent research projects included the modeling of wave propagation between vehicles and the wave propagation for fast-moving receivers:

  • IHE-RT-3D, Ray optical wave propagation modeling software for arbitrary scenarios (2007)
  • RoadCom, Ray optical wave propagation modeling software for simulation of dynamic traffic scenarios. (2005)
  • FIMP numerical field calculation based on FIT-method for EM-thermal coupled fields in heating processes (IHE, 2000)
  • IHE LMSpro (Propagation and system modeling for Land Mobile Satellite Systems, IHE 1999)
  • IHE TUNNEL/TUPE (Ray optical wave propagation modeling software, IHE 1999)
  • IHE Near Range (Influence of Antenna Near Range)
  • PEM (Parabolic Equation Method wave propagation model)
  • IHE-Indoor (Ray optical wave propagation modeling software, IHE 1998)
  • IHE ANDROMEDA (Network Planning for DAB and DVB-T)
  • IHE-2D, -3D Urban (Ray optical wave propagation modeling software, IHE 1997)
  • IHE-2D, -3D Rural RNR (as above, including land usage data)
  • IHE-2D, -3D Rural (Ray optical wave propagation modeling software, IHE 1996)
Virtual drive in the raytracer with different propagation paths

Selected Publications

Reichardt, L.; Maurer, J.; Fügen, T.; Zwick, T. (2011). Virtual Drive: A Complete V2X Communication and Radar System Simulator for Optimization of Multiple Antenna Systems. Proceedings of the IEEE, 99 (7), 1295–1310. doi:10.1109/JPROC.2011.2124430
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Didascalou, D.; Schaefer, T.; Weinmann, F.; Wiesbeck, W. (2000). Ray-density normalization for ray-optical wave propagation modelling in arbitrarily shaped tunnels. IEEE trans. on antennas and propag. 48 (2000) S. 1316-1325.
Kuerner, T.; Cichon, D.; Wiesbeck, W. (1993). Concepts and results for 3D digital terrain based wave propagation models - an overview. IEEE j. on sel. areas on commun. 11 (1993) S. 1002-1012.