Antennas and Millimeter Wave Packaging

One of IHEs main research pillars is the antenna and millimeter wave packaging technology. For over 30 years researchers of the IHE have been developing antennas for all kinds of applications at frequencies from RF to millimeter waves. Since 2007 the IHE additionally is involved in research on millimeter wave systems in the frequency range from 60 GHz to 500 GHz and beyond. While the focus is on developing concepts to integrate a complete millimeter wave transceiver including the antennas into a single QFN package we also work on other packaging concepts, millimeter wave circuits, antenna measurement technology and antennas itself. The major research topics in the field of antennas and millimeter wave packaging are:

  • antenna and packaging concepts for highly integrated millimeter wave transceivers
  • ultrawideband antennas
  • reconfigurable antennas


In the following IHE´s major research projects on wireless communications are given:

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