• Funding:


  • Project partner:

    State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves - South East University (Nanjing, China)

  • Start:

    June 2018

  • End:

    October 2021

  • Contact:

    Yueheng Li

    Jörg Eisenbeis

Hybrid adaptive Beamforming Systems using programmable Metasurfaces (METABEAM)

Metabeam Blockdiagram

Modern wireless communication systems utilize a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) configuration to improve capacity and signal coverage. Recent studies have shown that for the fifth generations of mobile communication (5G) and beyond mmWave bands will be considered to satisfy the customer’s demands on higher data rates. While going to higher carrier frequencies to obtain larger bandwidths the resulting free space path loss has to be overcome. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to steer the transmit power into certain directions. The project METABEAM aims to realize the beamstreering using a hybrid beamforming approach with reconfigurable metasurfaces. The metasurfaces enable the change of the antenna pattern due to a programming interface.