Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik (IHE)

Adaptive Millimetre-wave Integrated TranSmitters

  • Funding:

    German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Project partner:

    Chair for Circuit Design & Network Theory(CCN), TU Dresden, Prof. Dr. Frank Ellinger

  • Start:

    April 2019

  • End:

    April 2022

  • Contact:

    Joachim Hebeler

ADAMIS: Adaptive Millimetre-­wave Integrated TranSmitters

ADAMIS aims at system level implementation of transceiver structures for ultra high data rate communication. Employing the frequency band around 240 GHz a 50 GHz wide channel can be used that allows data rates in excess of 50 GB/s even with low level modulation schemes like BPSK enabling simple and efficient circuits.

Integrating multiple active paths in IHPs high performance SG13G2 process allows for active beam-steering, beam-forming and transmitted power control. This will be combined with a 2/5 GHz radar for active determination of the relative position of both transceivers as well as low power, low data rate channels for command and control communication. This heterointegration aims at optimizing the trade-off between energy consumption and data rate by switching to the best setting for the given scenario.

To integrate antennas and active structures advanced and novel packaging solutions are researched and developed. This includes novel approaches to on-chip antennas as well as off-chip antennas connected via flip-chip interconnects.