Mikrowellentechnik / Microwave Engineering

This lecture (with exercise) is given with the same content but in different languages in SS (English) and WS (German). The lecture is based on the following book:

David Pozar "Microwave Engineering", 3rd ed. Wiley 2005

The exam is in each semester and for every student bilingual.



All information and material about lecture and exercise can be found in ILIAS (see Link above).

Password: ihe_mwt

Content of the Lecture:

  • Electromagnetic Theory
    • Maxwell‘ Equations
    • Plane waves: Fields in media, wave solution, reflection
  • Transmission Lines and Waveguides
    • Rectangular and circular waveguides (filled, unfilled, different modes)
    • TE- and TM- waves, boundary conditions
    • Different line types (microstrip, stripline, CPW, ...)
  • Microwave Network Analysis
    • Scattering matrices, ABCD matrices
  • Impedance Matching and Tuning
  • Microwave resonators
    • Rectangular and circular resonators (resonant frequencies, different modes)
  • Power Dividers and Directional Couplers
    • Different coupler and power splitter types (Wilkinson, Branchline, Rat-Race, ...)
  • Microwave Filters
    • Richards transformation, Kuroda Identities, Different Filter types (periodic structures)
  • Theory and Design of Ferrimagnetic Components
    • Definition of ferrimagnetic components
    • Examples of components (Circulators, Phase shifters,...)
  • Active Components
    • Oscillator, Mixer and Amplifier