Communication Signal Processing on FPGA Platform

  • The next generation communication systems aim to achieve higher data rate with efficient signal processing ability. The Radio Frequency System-on-Chip (RFSoC) from Xilinx fomulates an itegrate system with powerful digital to analog converts (DAC) and analog to digital converters (ADC), which supports broadband signal transceiving. To make usre of such an equipment, FPGA programming is one of the most critical task. From the previous work at IHE, basic real-time communication signal processing under mobile communication scenarios have been programmed. Such algorithms have to be further developed as professional communication signal processing methods with the following aspects opened.

    - Extension the communication signal processing to multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) architecture.

    - Further investigation of other possible functionalities of the RFSoC, for example the generation of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) commands.

    - Further improvements of the signal processing efficiency and accurancy.


    Working steps and challenges:

    1. Understanding the basic concepts of communication signal processing.
    2. Understanding, practicing and implementing the current online signal processing codes and measurement setup based on RFSoC.
    3. Realization of the aforementioned open topics
    4. Further implementation of signal processing algorithms, e.g. beamforming, channel estimation, etc...

    Preferable basic knowledge:

    1. Communication technology background such as digital signal processing and basics of radio frequency system.
    2. Candidates with FPGA programming knowledge are considered with higher priority.
    3. Interest of hardware measurements and patience of solving practical troubles.