Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik (IHE)

Virtual Antenna Array Design for 140 GHz MIMO Radar

  • A multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna array consisting of N+M physical antennas (N = number of Tx and M = number of Rx elements) provides, virtually, a large aperture of N*M antennas. A large antenna aperture leads to a narrow beam and hence a high resolution. Therefore, a MIMO radar is capable of providing a high-resolution image, while using an antenna array with a significantly fewer number of elements.

    Aim: Design a two-dimensional MIMO antenna array at 140 GHz. The antenna should have broadband characteristics spanning over a bandwidth of approx. 20 GHz. Standard elements e.g. patch, bow-tie should be used in designing the array

    Virtual Antenna Array Synthesis for MIMO Applications.pdf