2D MIMO Antenna Array Design for 140 GHz Gesture-Recognition Radar

  • Description:


    Unlike radars that employ beam steering on the basis of mechanical or frequency scanning techniques, a 2D MIMO radar can instantaneously provide the target location in both azimuth and elevation planes with the help of a single radar image. The speciality in a MIMO radar is that multiple Tx antennas transmit orthogonal waveforms, which are received by multiple Rx antennas. The phase differences that arise due to a multiple Tx-Rx pairs result in the formation of a virtual antenna array, which promises a far better field of view and an enhanced resolution compared to a conventional array with the same number of physical antennas.


    This work focuses on the design and performance assessment of a 2D MIMO antenna array with 4 Tx and 8 Rx antennas. The array design should be optimized such that over a maximum possible field of view in azimuth and elevation planes, the DoA (direction of arrival) of a target can be estimated with a low probability of generating ambiguities. Additonally, the resolution in azimuth and elevation planes should also be optimized by aiming at a large virtual antenna array aperture.




    Knowledge of MIMO and antennas, experience with CST Microwave Studio and MATLAB