mmWave Substrate Integrated Waveguide to Rectangular Waveguide Interconnect

  • Description:


    A substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) offers very low insertion and radiation loss compared to a microstrip and can be used to realize a variety of passive components in a millimeter-wave package, thereby solving several problems related to electromagnetic interference in millimeter-wave package design. On the other hand, horn antennas in comparison to compared to the planar microstrip antennas have excellent radiation characteristics (high gain, low cross polarization). An interconnect between an SIW and a rectangular waveguide will enable the integration of a high-gain horn antenna and an MMIC transceiver in a split-block assembly.


    This work aims at the design and development of a broadband, low-loss interconnect between an SIW and a rectangular waveguide (WG) operating in the D-Band frequency range of 110 to 170 GHz. A millimeter-wave system will be realized in this work, including back-to-back WG-to-SIW interconnects and a D-Band horn antenna. The system will be manufactured and measured in the millimeter-wave laboratory of the IHE.




    Knowledge of microwave engineering and experience with CST Microwave Studio.