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We offer up-to-date lectures, practical courses and exciting topics for scientific work in close cooperation with our scientists. Experience the whole variety of radio frequency technology and electronics from passive components, active circuits and applied signal processing to complex systems for sensor technology and communication.

Vorlesung in Hörsaal KIT

Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

Raum für Abschlussarbeiten Alexander Haag

Bachelor and master theses, research internships

Prüfung in der Schwarzwaldhalle KIT

Times and places

Wortwolke zu Vertiefungsrichtungen
Fields of specialization

Fields of specialization in the master program


For current information on the Bachelor's/Master's program, please visit faculty pages.

Internship or Bachelor Thesis in Fairbanks, Alaska

There is a long-standing cooperation between the IHE and the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, in which projects and internships for students in the field of High Frequency/Aerospace Engineering can be carried out. This takes place within the framework of a normally six-month stay in Fairbanks, Alaska. Further information can be found here.