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The Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics (IHE) is an institute within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the division III - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The mission of the IHE is to perform research from basic microwave technologies and systems to industrial applications. Our dream is to explore new technologies and finally help bringing them into commercial products. We are working with research grants from DFG, EU, BMBF, BMWi, AIF, ESA, DLR in cooperation with industry. Our teaching combines the relevant theory with modern technologies and state-of-the-art tools. In our laboratories and workshops, the experimental needs of excellent research and teaching are satisfied by modern high-tech equipment.

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Neues 6G-Mobilfunkprojekt am IHE

Das KIT war unter Führung des IHE bei einem der vier vom BMBF geförderten 6G Hubs erfolgreich und wird in den kommenden 4 Jahren an Zukunftstechnologien für den Mobilfunk (6G) mitarbeiten.

Foto Prof. Ulusoy
Prof. Ulusoy receives this year´s faculty teaching award

Prof. Ulusoy was awarded this years faculty teaching award during KIT´s annual celebration, which took place on 22.04.2021. This year´s award had a special emphasis on digital teaching. The award includes a 10.000€ budget that will be invested to further improve quality of teaching at IHE! Further information and a video on the award can be found in:

Schematic layout
MMIC Design Lab im Wintersemester

Das IHE bietet ab dem Wintersemester 2020/21 ein neues Labor zum Design von monolithisch integrierten Millimeterwellenschaltungen (MMIC) an.

Um die verschiedenen Vorlesungen der Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik zu analogen Schaltungen auch mit einer praktischen Lehreinheit zum Design zu flankieren, wurde ein neues Labor ins Leben gerufen. Im MMIC Design Lab lernen Studierende den Konstruktionsprozess eines RF-Frontends  vom Systementwurf bis zum fertigen Layout in der professionellen Softwareumgebung Cadence Virtuoso. Die Registration im Illias Kurs ist ab dem 19.10.2020 möglich. Der Kurs wird Corona bedingt Online stattfinden.


RF-E Workshop


The RFE workshop “Build your own RF Amplifier” enables students to gather initial experience in high frequency circuit design, even during the corona winter semester 2020/2021. In this workshop students will go through different design phases of a simple RF amplifier board, such as; selecting a suitable transistor, creating a schematic design, creating a board layout, assembly and finally the measurement. The amplifier boards are manufactured at the IHE and offer the students initial insights into PCB manufacturing and the resulting limitations for the PCB design. The workshop will be offered again in WS21/22.

International Microwave Week


The International Microwave Week with the flagship conferences International Microwave Symposium and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium took place in hybrid format. This year we had two papers from IHE, authored by Tsung-Ching Tsai at the RF-IC symposium and by Christian Bohn at IMS. Apart from this, Prof. Ulusoy chaired a workshop and this year´s student paper competition.

RTu2F-4A Linear and Efficient Power Amplifier Supporting Wideband 64-QAM for 5G Applications from 26 to 30GHz in SiGe:C BiCMOS

We2G-3: PAM-4 Driver Amplifier Using Distributed Power Combining

WME: Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Technologies for multi-Gbps Wireline Interconnects