Millimeter Wave Lab

This laboratory is dedicated to measurements above 30 GHz for all kinds of millimeter wave components and building blocks as amplifiers, mixers, transitions, filters, antennas etc.. The following equipment is available:

  • microwave network analysis from 40 MHz to 325 GHz, on-wafer and connectorized (coax/wave guide)
  • microwave spectrum analysis from 40 MHz to 325 GHz
  • signal generators, noise sources, power meters
  • probe-based antenna measurement setup with 40...90 cm farfield-distance, test capabilities in the bands 50-75 GHz, 75-110 GHz, 110-170 GHz, 220-325 GHz
Millimeterwave laboratory with antenna measurement setup and probe station (Photo: Müller/KIT)
Antenna Measurement Setup