Notes on the registration for examinations

Registration for a written or an oral examination

Online registration

Please register for the exam online via the Campus Management Portal in good time (no later than 1 week before the exam date). In this case, registration at the IHE is not necessary.

The specific date for an oral examination must also be arranged in person with the lecturer.

Please note: You must also register, if you are repeating an examination, using the same procedure as for initial examinations.

If you have problems with the online registration, please contact Ms. Gorré (please give your matriculation number and the name of the exam).

Registration via admission certificate (Zulassungsbescheinigung)

If online registration is not possible (e.g. if you change your course of study), you will need a certificate of admission (blue slip). You can obtain this from the Bachelor Examination Board (BPA)/ Master's Examination Board (MPA). At the same time, please register for the exam with the supervisor of the lecture by e-mail. The admission certificate is to be handed in to the examiner only at the time of the examination (exception: practical courses/labs with limited number of participants).

Withdrawal from a written or an oral examination

As a rule, you can deregister from an examination online up to three days before the examination date; the specific deregistration deadline can be found in CAMPUS. In the case of an oral examination, the examiner must also be informed of the withdrawal, also no later than three days before the examination date.

In the case of written examinations, the following also applies: If it is no longer possible to withdraw via the online portal, you must withdraw in writing before the exam begins. The start of the exam is the time when the assignments are handed out. Oral withdrawal will no longer be accepted! Students who do not comply with this are considered to have failed the exam!

The only exception is if you bring a medical certificate immediately afterwards stating that you were unable to take the exam for health reasons.

On the day of the exam

Please be sure to bring the following with you to the exam:

    Student ID (KIT Card)

    Certificate of enrollment (available via the Campus Management Portal)

    Possibly admission certificate (blue slip)

The aids permitted for the examination are listed on the corresponding pages.


The main contact for examination questions is the Program Service Bachelor / Master of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The examination regulations as well as dates of all examinations of the Faculty ETIT can be found on the homepage of the Faculty.

Preliminary exam results are made visible in CAMPUS, the information is published in ILIAS.

The examinations of the IHE listed here take place in written form: