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Ultra-Broadband Diplexers for Next Generation High Frequency Measurement Applications

Driven by the rapid development of 5G and IoT, wireless communication and sensor systems play an important role. Huge bandwidth is needed to fulfill the challenging system requirements. Therefore system structures and high performance components in the microwave and millimeter-wave (mmW) frequency range are key. At mmW frequencies, on-wafer measurements of passive and active circuits, e.g. millimeter-wave integrated circuits (MMICs), require a highly expensive setup using a network analyzer, frequency extension modules and on-wafer measurement probes. The waveguide or coaxial cable connecting the on-wafer probe to an extension module, as well as the measurement electronics itself, are significantly limiting factors for the achievable measurement bandwidth.

One possible solution to overcome this problem is the use of novel architectures and methodologies by integrating a broadband diplexer into the on-wafer probes. Unlike conventional on-wafer probes with only one RF connector, we propose the use of dual-band probes featuring a 1-mm-coax and a WR-6.5 waveguide connector in parallel for DC – 110 GHz and 110 – 170 GHz signals. A diplexer within the dual-band probe combines the different frequency bands to one single probe tip covering the whole frequency range. Using a four-port network analyzer, two frequency extension modules for DC – 110 GHz and two D-band extension modules in combination with dual-band probes enables a single setup for near-DC to 170 GHz measurement.

Selected Publications

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