Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics (IHE)

Hybrid Integrated Photonic-Electronic Systems (HIPES)

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  • Start:

    December 2017

  • End:

    December 2020

  • Contact:

    Bohn, Christian

The aim of this project is the exploration and demonstration of novel hybrid concepts for ultra-broadband photonic-electronic systems, which are based on the principle of multi-chip integration. Photonic and electronic systems are fabricated on different, individually optimized integration platforms, and afterwards combined on chip level. The project focuses on the co-design of photonic modulators and electronic driver circuits together with concepts of broadband electronic interfaces. This approach unites the scalability of monolithic integrated approaches and the flexibility, performance and yield of discrete systems. Additionally, the concept offers new degrees of freedom regarding the impedance matching between the electric driver amplifier and the optical modulator, which can lead to a strong decrease of the power consumption. The demonstration and verification of the novel concept by means of a multi-channel transmitter module are planned.