Electromagnetic wave propagation and Reflection in the Application of Automotive Radar

  • A few physical phenomena like reflections negatively influence a radar sensor’s
    performance from its function point of view. Automotive radars are illuminating
    environment targets and highway barriers as reflection surfaces, which reproducibly
    generates several multipath reflections.
    Therefore, studying the attenuation, reflection, and absorption of the traffic barriers is
    one of the key tools for software verification test-beds in advanced driver assistance
    systems (ADAS).
    A measurement setup has been developed by IHE to carry out deterministic tests
    and investigate attenuation, reflection, and absorption of radar wave propagation in
    the environment. For this purpose, different materials like a car bumper, traffic
    barriers (like road signs, and guardrail), asphalt are prepared to study. The goal is to
    compare the influences and effects of the specular reflections to diffuse reflections.

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