• Funding:

    European Union - ECSEL-RIA - ECSEL Research and Innovation Action
    German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

  • Project partner:

    33 project partners from 6 European countries (France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Greece)

  • Start:

    April 2017

  • End:

    February 2021

  • Contact:

    Joerg Eisenbeis

TARANTO: TowARds Advanced bicmos NanoTechnology platforms for rf and thz applicatiOns

The TARANTO project targets to improve the performance of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors in bipolar CMOS technology with a much higher level of integration. Thereby, TARANTO aims to strengthen the leading position of the European semiconductor industry in SiGe BiCMOS technology and to provide a solid industrial base for the development of new products in areas such as telecommunications, home electronics, and car electronics, which are of key importance for Europe’s high-tech industries. The main technical objective is to make SiGe HBTs available for mass production and tailor the technologies to the above-mentioned application domains.

The main research of the IHE within this project focusses on the system and antenna design for broadband communication systems as well as the investigation on hybrid beamforming architectures. Target applications are mobile radio base stations and directional links operating at millimeter wave frequencies for the next generation of mobile communication and beyond.


European Commission – Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS)
Project ID: 737454