• Funding:

    German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Project partner:

    Ulm University

  • Start:

    March 2021

  • End:

    February 2024

  • Contact:

    M.Sc. Alexander Quint

Active Millimeter-Wave On-Wafer Measurement Probe (ActiOnPro)

The aim of the DFG project ActiOnPro is to develop a broadband mmW-probe to enhance the state-of-the-art network analysis capabilities. Current measurement setups consisting of a network analyzer, frequency extension modules and on-wafer measurement probes are limited to a certain frequency range. To characterize a DUT over a wide frequency range, multiple measurements with different extension modules need to be carried out, increasing the risk of measurement errors. By integrating frequency extension modules and multiplexers into the probe, on-wafer network analysis over a multi-band frequency range using a single measurement can be conducted, therefore reducing measurement complexity, errors and time.