Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics (IHE)

Integrated High Speed Circuits

Integrated high-speed circuits is a main research pillar at IHE since 2009. RF-IC technology will continue to be a key enabler to address future technological trends at higher operational frequencies with access to much wider bandwidth, at the same time providing a higher degree of integration and multi-functionality. Our research goal is to discover unique approaches that can lead to significant performance gains in microwave/millimeter-wave systems or enable new applications. Our main focus areas are:

  • Millimeter wave power amplifiers in GaN & SiGe
  • Multi-band and broadband transceivers
  • Antenna and package co-design
  • Energy-efficiency in RF systems, analog and mixed-signal processing
  • Broadband ICs for wireline communications such as transimpedance amplifiers and driver amplifiers

In the following IHE´s major research projects on integrated circuits are given:

Major Current Research Projects
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January 2020

December 2022

October 2019

September 2023

April 2019

April 2022

December 2017

December 2020

Major Past Research Projects
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May 2011

April 2018

January 2012

December 2015

June 2012

December 2017

April 2010

May 2013