Broadband Circuits for Wireless and Wireline Communications

Broadband Circuits for Wireless and Wireline Communications

The topic of this course is the design of broadband integrated circuits for communication systems with an emphasis on optoelectronics. Such circuits are becoming more important as modern wireless systems operate at higher speeds, and broadband circuits find applications in the frontend hardware as well as the fiber-optic backbone.

The course will deal with the fundamental approaches to circuit design from DC to 100 GHz. Various state of the art transistor technologies will be handled such as deep-scaled CMOS, advanced SiGe HBTs and III-V HEMTs.

Furthermore, the students will gain an understanding on how high-speed communications systems operate, and how hardware imperfections affects such systems. The lecture will also cover optical building blocks, their optical-electrical behavior and the electronics required to interface such photonic devices.

2+1 SWS, SS: Exercises will be performed using industry-standard Cadence Virtuoso environment and state-of-the art IC process technologies

Language: English

Learning Objectives: Establish fundamental understanding on broadband circuit design applied to modern wireless communications as well as optical communications systems. Acquire practical, hands-on design experience on modern IC technologies and CAD tools.

Grading: 20-30 minute oral exam, individual design projects

Text Books: Lecture notes will be provided by Prof. Ulusoy, Eduard Säckinger, “Broadband Circuits for Optical Fiber Communications” Wiley

  • Analysis and understanding of broadband communication systems, impact of electronic components and interface circuits
  • Optical components for communications, EPIC and PIC technologies
  • Receiver electronics, transimpedance amplifiers, mixers, noise, linearity and dynamic range
  • Transmitter electronics, driver amplifiers, optimum load conditions, breakdown mechanisms
  • Bandwidth extension techniques, inductive peaking, T-coil, distributed amplifiers
  • Bias circuits, DC conditioning, gain control loops
  • Integration, system integration packaging, system examples